Joel Sternfeld1

130 photographs from more than three decades

Joel Sternfeld is among the most important representatives of New Color Photography, which discovered colour for artistic photography in the 1970’s. A total of 11 projects is being presented under the title Joel Sternfeld – Colour photographs since 1970. One area of focus is thereby on 50 photographs from his to date unpublished early work, which extends from 1969 into the late 1970’s. ( VIA)

 The Albertina is dedicating a Retrospective to the New Yorkerer photographer Joel Sternfeld

I really enjoyed the big formatted nature photographs, but the biggest highlight – at least for me – was the ‘High Line’ Collection from 10 years ago. If you visited the Big Apple recently you will probably know that the area completely changed during the last years and these pictures are true history now. Hoping to find the book ‘walking the high line’ somewhere …



27 June 2012 – 30 September 2012

p.s. And I assure you, that the Albertina is the perfect place for cooling from the heat outside on the street while enjoying art history, viennese architecture and contemporary collections.

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Manhattan Goodies

When I visited New York the first time (not years but decades ago), it was all about shopping clothes and shoes. Meanwhile it is not such a big deal in Austria to get some fashionable pieces to wear a great outfit. So here some true Manhattan shopping pieces, which you would rarely get in Vienna or any other city:

A canvas tote from Bloomingdales for summery breakfast meets with your BFFs.

The – perfect to close – tin box with Original Mints by Dean & Deluca to care in your bag.

Something for your kitchen to remember the flavor of the Pacific (and in my case; for the growing salt collection): Snowflake Salt

And then the best of all: The Scent of New York. A major, full-blown fragrance collection was launched in 2003 by the French perfume expert Laurice Rahme as an homage to a great city. The name of this fragrance collection is Bond No. 9 (which is also the address of its headquarters boutique at 9 Bond Street, in NoHo), and has been a cult must-have ever since the first bottle left the shelf. Going against the grain of most fragrances today, Bond No. 9 restores the grand art of perfume blending.

My choice: For men and women alike, a mélange of sparkling florals and citruses, balanced by a woody-musky détente is my favorite for Spring 2012: The Scent of Peace (Notes: Grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, musk)

And how can you make your teenage DD really giving you that beautiful smile? Of course: bring some cute stuff from Abercrombie paired with some rare Five Gum flavors!

And now off to my sofa to enjoy the afternoon with the April Issue of US Vogue …

Foto 3

Spring in Manhattan

While Vienna was fully excited about and around the Vienna Awards last week, which were reported by all the young viennese fashion bloggers with dozens of photos hugging and chatting with star guest Karolina Kurkova, like fashiontweed  or dariadaria, just to name two of them, who write their blogs in english, Manhattan, the city of fashion and art, showed a green and blooming face with yellow cab sparkles.

The amazing temperatures allowed to wear summery clothes and have the first frozen yogurt outside, while having a shopping break.

beauty and shopping recommendations in my next post