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artcurial 112011


UPDATED on November 21st, 2011 with the final results of the auction (all prices in Euros):

My favorite Auction House for Vintage Pieces is Artcurial in Paris.

The highlight every season:


next Date: 15 Nov 2011

VIEWING: 10-13 November

Hôtel Marcel Dassault, 7 rond-point des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris

My favorite Lots:

Lot 87B: A Black Fjord leather & Chamonix calfskin “Kelly” bag, 40 cm, gilt metal hardware, keyfob & padlock, handle, removable shoulder strap. Year: 1993. (Sold for 4,080)

Lot 130: Key Chain, silver: chaîne d’ancre. Signé “Hermès Paris”. Dim.: 3.4 cm. (Sold for 179)

Lot 178: A Brown Buffle leather “Cabana” bag, silver palladium hardware, 2 removable pockets.

Dim.: 23 x 35 x 13 cm

Lot 257: “Picotin” – Togo, vert pomme (Sold for 574)

Dim.: 18 x 17.5 x 12.5 cm.

Lot 275B: A bicolor brown & grey box calfskin “Birkin” bag, 30 cm, silver palladium hardware, keyfob & padlock, double handle. Year: 2003. (Sold for 5,738)

Lot 576: A CHOCOLAT TOGO LEATHER “SHOULDER” Birkin BAG, 41 cm, silver palladium hardware, double handle. (Sold for 4,463)

Lot 716B: Beau carré en soie imprimée encadré, “Perspective” signé A.M. Cassandre, circa 1980 avec en son centre le drapeau français et celui européen, porte l’inscription: ” offert par Roland Dumas, Ministre d’Etat, Ministre des Affaires Etrangères”. Edition spéciale de 100 exemplaires pour le Ministère des affaires étrangères, cadeau pour les épouses des chefs d’état et de gouvernement. Dim. encadré: 94 x 94 cm. (Sold for 783)

Lot 751: A PURPLE TADELAKT CALFSKIN & RED INSIDE “BIRKIN” BAG, 35 cm, special order, silver palladium hardware, keyfob & padlock, double handle. Year: 2010. (Sold for 32,757)

Lot 796: watch – “H vers 2000″ Originale montre bracelet en acier. Dim.: 28 x 28 mm. (Sold for 638)

Well, and this one is interesting, because it is the sister bag of my beloved Birkin, and I am curious for how much it will change the owner, as I was asked so many times last year, what the price would be. I guess it will be enough to buy two new ones, as it is the Shoulder Birkin Jean Paul Gaultier designed and this combination is truly unique.

Lot 698: A ROUGE GARANCE TOGO LEATHER “SHOULDER” Birkin, 41 cm, silver palladium hardware, keyfob & padlock, double handle. Year: 2007. (Sold for 7,650)


Mon French Foulard Ami

The Ones who follow my tumblr-link list Vanessa’s Portrait, might have recognized allready with my two latest posts (FERRONERIES and Rendez-vous au 24, that I have a new favorite Website. FINALLY! I was really desperately in need of some inspiration for fall wearing my scarves.

Right before cold autumn evenings make us feel uncomfortable without a scarf around our necks, the epitome of french silk chic, Hermès, launched a new Scarf-Website called Paris Mon Ami on September 1st, 2011: www.parismonami.com

Welcome to Paris Mon Ami! After J’aime mon carre follow the Parisian adventures of our four friends at last reunited.

CONFETTIS D’EX LIBRIS BLEU NUIT Extra-wide, wide and narrow enamel bracelets in gold plated Exist also in silver and palladium finish

A super stylish Online-Journal


The entire Scarf Collection AW 2011/2012 with all colorways displayed

All the Knotting Cards, which were sold for premium prices on ebay in the past, now neatly organized in sections: Head, Neck, Bust, Accessory

The Enamel Bracelet Collection and many Upcoming Events announced like the Fashion Night Berlin next week, 8th of september 2011 from 7 p.m. (Discover “Paris Mon Ami” and an evening full of silks, bracelets, colour and creativity. Learn new knotting and styling tips, explore the Hermes enamels and silk prints and take part in the Hermes silk photo shoot.)

Hermès – Knotting Card – Petit Papillon

Now everything is handy on your screen with just a few clicks away.

All pictures © Hermès – source: http://www.parismonami.com