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Hermès Boutiques in Paris

Paris Memories: Hermes Boutiques

Hermès Boutiques in Paris

When I planned my trip to Paris, the big question was, what to expect from the Hermès boutiques and what would I probably want to buy. I am not calling myself a self confessed Hermès addict, but a connoisseur of fine printed silk scarves. Being an admirer of Op Art, I was lucky to find more than one beautiful scarf in the past collections. Big and small, rare and new. When I visited the “Dynamo” Exhibition in the Grand Palais seeing all the wonderful paintings, prints, sculptures from artists like Bridget Riley, Josef Albers or Mauricio Nogueira Lima, just to name a few, my luck was perfect. Of course I would wish a scarf like one of the exhibited art-pieces, but there is no such design in the collection right now, or I own it already. Like the sweet Mini Losange “Op H”, which accompanied my “Garden Party” Bag during my holidays.

Hermès Boutiques in Paris

So it was easy. Just friendly shopping from one boutique to the other without to high expectations. Still, I was a bit ecited to visit the 3 boutiques the first time. I visited already some Hermès stores worldwide, but Hermès in Paris is different.

Hermès Boutiques in Paris

Hermès George V (75008, 42, avenue George V) is a corner shop with old wood paneling and that was it.

Hermès Boutiques in Paris

The mothership of all boutiques (24, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré), again a corner store is quite something different. A department store, unparalleled to anything I ever thought it would be. To be completely honest. I was not that impressed when I saw the windows or entered the store. Maybe because I saw so many photographs and read so many stories on blogs about that magical place. There are some masterpieces, like the motorbike in the cornerwindow, which blow your mind, but I am not dreaming of things I don’t need, use or even want.

Hermès Boutiques in Paris

But the diversity of any product you want is enormous. There where so many leather bracelets, that I ended up leaving the store without one, because I couldn’t decide which to choose from the dozens of designs, more colors and more sizes …

For my personal taste there are just to many people inside and, although I found the friendliest SAs to help me, whether in the scarf, bag, accessories or RTW department, well-trained and helpful staff everywhere. I will sure come back, when in the city, but it is not the fulfillment of the dream of all dreams.

Hermès Boutiques in Paris

The 3rd and newest Hermès boutique is located in the charming district of Saint Germain (17, rue de Sèvres).

Hermès Boutiques in Paris

Well that was a visit, I won’t forget. This is the kind of shopping I like. A cool and quiet place with enough space around you. I fell in love with the new silver jewelry collection and much more. And this was the right place to look through the cashmere collection. It had to be something special from Paris and my SA fully understood to bring the right pieces in the right color ways, after chatting about this and next seasons collections.

Hermès Boutiques in Paris

And I found just what I was hoping for! A new addition for my Cashmere GM Collection in the Men’s department. Let me introduce it to you in my next post.

Hermès Boutiques in Paris


La Maison, the book

A stormy snow-wind made it very uncomfortable to go for a walk yesterday evening. So I made some coffee and set near the fireplace to have a break with my new favorite coffee-table book. Announced for about two years, it finally made it to my home some time ago.
Already the packaging made me think, that it was worth the wait. It was like a russian-doll game. A box – in a box – in a box …

Enjoy the de-boxing video

“the art of good photography is spontaneity”

Koto Bolofo

La Maison is a photo-fairytale, for the Hermès obsessed among us, by Koto Bolofo, who explored the secret rooms of the mothership of Hermès, 24 Faubourg in Paris and made a one of a kind book series showing all the details of handcrafting and working with the finest leathers. Take your time when choosing one of the small books from the slipcase and then dive into a world of finest handcrafting. You will get it all: smell the silk, the leather, wax and sometimes even feel a pin-pick from a needle on your fingers.

La Maison contains exclusive images made as Bolofo worked his way through Hermes’ workshops, discovering how their wares are made, from handbags, perfumes, scarves, pret-a-porter and shoes to the first accessory ever produced by the house: saddles. Nothing escaped his lens, not even the museum, a treasure trove of Hermes history, tucked away on Rue du Faubourg St. Honore.

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H archive boxes

It has been quite a while, since I have recommended something from Hermès. Actually I did have a look now and then, online as well as in the boutiques. At home and abroad. But honestly, nothing really interesting caught my eye.

But hey, today I found something that made my heart sing. No – sorry – again no silk and no leather; unfortunatly. But Paper! When it comes to the word ‘archive’ you will always get my full attention.

So here a share for you, what I found online on hermes.com today:

Archive Boxes for the Agenda refills. Box filing format for calendar refills (sold without refills, of course!)

They come in all sizes:

  • Petit Modèle
  • Grand Modèle
  • Vision
  • Globe-Trotter
  • Semainier

I never thought of buying an Hermès Agenda. But seeing those cute Archive Boxes I might reconsider my opinion.

Windows of Paris Fashion Week

‘You have to go where the IDEAS are.’

(more on video: Vivienne Westwood chats to Hilary Alexander at Paris Fashion Week.)

PARIS didn’t own the Glam that Spring. So many shadows circling over the colorful week.

Every season I have been wondering, which idea-flash will catch me after seeing the Hermès Paris show.  And it was a kind of guaranty,  that there will be a big One. I was already delighted by the collection Jean Paul Gaultier presented a few hours before, the first time after he left Hermès. Sunday late afternoon in Paris. Fall 2011 womenswear collection for HERMÈS first time designed and presented by Christophe Lemaire. One couldn’t be more disappointed than I was. Decide yourself (read more …)

The only highlights from the entire Collection, which I liked:

La Maison book

As already announced in summer 2009 Koto Bolofo worked over six years his way through all the workshops of the Maison Hermès, getting to know the craftsmen and discovering how everything is made: from handbags, perfumes, scarves, prêt-à-porter, and shoes to the original objects of the house, saddles. Nothing escaped his lens, even the most secret places, such as the museum, a treasure trove of history and all things Hermès tucked away in the midst of the Maison on rue du faubourg St Honoré.

Colette, Paris seems to be the first store who sells the published work like announced today in their Newsletter.

Edited by Koto Bolofo and Gerhard Steidl
Text by Ménéhould du Chatelle
Book design by Koto Bolofo and Gerhard Steidl
11 clothbound hardcover books housed in a slipcase
18 cm x 23.2 cm
ISBN: 978-3-86521-912-1
Publication date: October 2010