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One of my best kept travel secrets until today is a small town located on the northwest coast of the Istrian peninsula. 500km south of Vienna you will enter a fin de siècle jewel by the sea. Being architecturally well preserved it is a feast for the eye for someone who lives in Vienna and has a crush on light tone painted Art Nouveau and Belle Époque Villas in between huge green trees and the air scented with salt. The combination is unique. Small Cafés like you would find them in Marseille. a landmark like Copenhagens mermaid: the Madonna del Mare – a maiden with a seagull. Monte Carlo feeling at the St.James park and the Crystal Ballroom at the Kvarner Hotel.

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Art project Euroart MuseumsQuartier Wien

Artproject Building Bridges MuseumsQuartier Wien: 40 Länder - 40 Werke

Artproject courtyard MuseumsQuartier Wien

The 60th Eurovision Songcontest 2015 is history. What remains, after a week (actually for the viennese residents half a year) of Building Bridges and thousands of tourists more than usual, attracted from the oldest and biggest Contest, are

Zero Points for the hosting country and a shiny winner from the always friendly country Sweden.

Congrats one more time! Heroes from Mans Zelmerlöw was one of my top 3 from the beginning, too. Not because the sound is my cup of tea (it isn’t), but because I like the lyrics and the positiv and friendly openminded attitude. In short: Building Bridges. That’s what the contest is about for me. Life is going back to normal.

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