Today I like … Biscuit Rose

Created in 1691, the Biscuit Rose de Reims is one of the jewels of the city of Reims. Always associated with champagne, and it is a symbol of the festival. Today, it is also used in many recipes. In addition to its pink color, it is characterized by a crisp texture and melting. Ideal for cocktails and appetizers! Or my favorite and perfect recipe for Mothers Day or Anniversary Day:

Raspberry Soufflé glacé

2 egg whites
10 Biscuits Roses de Reims
125g sugar
125g cream
Powder of Biscuits Roses
60ml water
60g sugar
125g raspberry pulp
raspberry liqueur
1 mold

To make the raspberry syrup: bring water and sugar to boil, cool and add alcohol. Place Biscuit Rose in a mold. Soak the punch with a brush.


to make meringue: Beat the egg whites in a water bath gradually incorporating the sugar, whisk until a smooth consistency, then continue outside the water bath until cold. Whip the cream. Combine meringue with raspberry pulp, then add the whipped cream.

Place mixture in pan, then smooth with a palette. Put in the freezer overnight and then decorate with powdered Biscuits Roses and fresh raspberries.

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