Windows of Bratislava

You may get a bit of a sinking feeling when you first see Bratislava especially when it is raining cats and dogs like during my last visit.

Instead of a slovak version of Prague or Vienna you will discover a small, busy city that seems to embody the Communists’ blind faith in modernity.

Hrad. The Castle has been continually rebuilt since its foundations were laid in the 9th century and after a disastrous fire in 1811. Inside you will find the Slovak National Museum with exhibits on furniture, crafts and costumes. If you are interest please do not try on Mondays like I did as it is closed then.

To discover the Old Town you have to do so by foot.

When it comes to eat, you can thank your lucky stars that you are in Bratislava. Prepare for a variety of the best Restaurants and Cafés. I had one of my best lunches in the ‘Camouflage‘.

♥✌, VAN

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